About Us

Welcome to G-SOX – Crafted with Passion, Fished with Memories

Hey there, Angler! Thanks for dropping by to learn a bit about us. G-SOX sprouted from the fertile grounds of Sweet Home Alabama, born from a blend of passion, a spirit of innovation, and a heartfelt tribute. As a veteran-owned company, we not only honor tradition but also the bonds that fishing creates among family and friends.

kenny-gillam-clipped-rev-1.pngOur Inspiration

Our story is etched in the memory of a lifetime friend and avid fisherman, Kenny "G" Gillam. Kenny was the kind of guy who could out-fish the best of them and would always have a story to tell. After his passing on 8/22/20, we decided to honor his legacy the best way we knew how – by creating something that would help anglers everywhere create lasting memories, just like the ones Kenny left us with. Thus, G-SOX was born.

Our Mission

We started G-SOX with a simple mission: to help fishermen like you spend more time doing what you love – fishing amongst family and friends. Our G-SOX Rod & Lure Covers are the embodiment of that mission, providing all-in-one protection that means less time untangling and more time making memories that last more than a lifetime.

Our Commitment to Quality

We craft each G-SOX product with the utmost care, using expandable low-friction industrial mesh material and a premium clear flex sleeve. Our designs accommodate a wide range of rod lengths and lure sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your gear. But we don't stop at one-size-fits-all; we offer customization to meet your specific fishing needs.

Our Products

From the versatile G-SOX Rod & Lure Cover to our customizable options for rods ranging from 6'6" to over 10', we're dedicated to providing you with the best. Our products are a tribute not just to Kenny but to all the anglers who share our passion for the water.

Join the G-SOX Legacy

When you choose G-SOX, you're not just picking out a rod cover; you're joining a community that celebrates fishing, friendship, and the stories that come with each. Sign up for our newsletter and become part of a story that goes beyond the water's edge.

We're excited to welcome you into the G-SOX family. Here’s to smooth casting, the big catches, and the memories we'll make together.