G-SOX Rod & Lure Cover

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Hey there, savvy angler! Dive into a clutter-free fishing experience with our G-SOX Rod & Lure Cover. It’s your best mate for keeping those pesky hooks and lures neatly tucked away, and your rod locker organized. Imagine slipping your rods in and out without a single tangle – that's the G-SOX promise.

Crafted with the on-the-go angler in mind, the G-SOX cover's clear plastic tube allows you to keep lures and hooks attached, meaning no more fumbling with equipment when you hit the sweet spot. Whether you're gearing up for the catch of the day or winding down after a victorious haul, the G-SOX keeps your rods in mint condition and your lures ready for action.

The Lure Cover portion is UV coated to prevent fading of your baits during those long days in the sun.

G-SOX Rod and Lure Covers work for both baitcast and spinning reels* equally well, just use the included line guard when using with spinning reels.

Juggling an assortment of lures? No sweat! From the bulk of Fat Crank Baits to the intricate dance of Glide Baits and the complexities of Umbrella Rigs, this cover ensures they're all snug and secure. And let's not forget about the Jigs & Trailers and Spinner Baits – there's a G-SOX for every type.

Available in eye-catching red, blue, black, and green, so choose your favorite and/or use different colors to categorize your rods. Tailored to fit rods of 7', 7'3", and 7'6", the G-SOX is about versatility meets functionality. Custom sizes are available with a minimum order of 6.

But the benefits don't stop there. This nifty cover is a lifesaver for those with a packed rod locker. Slide your rods in, and the G-SOX's sleek design prevents hooks from catching on other gear, meaning more time fishing and less time detangling. Plus, it keeps your gear in top-notch shape, extending the life of your lines and lures.

So, whether you're casting off from the shore or cruising in your boat, the G-SOX Rod & Lure Cover is the smart choice for any fisher who loves their gear as much as the catch. Get yours and transform your fishing expeditions into the smooth sailing they were meant to be!