Privacy Policy

Keeping It Simple and Secure

Hello there, G-SOX family! Your privacy is a big deal to us, just like catching the big one is a big deal to you. Here's our straightforward privacy promise:

  • Your Info Stays Yours: We don't sell your personal info to anyone, period. You're part of the G-SOX crew, not a data point for sale.

  • No Credit Card Data Storage: We get it, security is key. That's why we don't store your credit card data. You enter it, we use it for the transaction, and then it's gone - like a fish slipping back into the depths.

  • Cookies and How We Use Them: We use cookies (the digital kind) to make your online experience smoother than a calm day on the lake. They help us understand how you navigate our site so we can make things even better for you.

  • Changes to This Policy: Just like fishing conditions, things change. If we update this policy, we'll let you know faster than you can reel in a bass. Check back for the latest on how we protect your privacy.